9 Things You Need To Ask Before You Hire A PR Firm By Julie O. Griffith

Hiring a public relations firm for your company, whether start-up or rising star, can be tricky business. With so many companies hanging out their shingles and declaring themselves ready to make you a media darling, it can become a challenge for any entrepreneur to separate the PR wheat from the PR chaff. Now that traditional public relations have begun to blur the lines between brand, marketing and the social media/digital space, finding a company that is right for your needs often feels like finding a very small needle in a very large haystack.

Houston Based Law Firm Roberts Markland, LLP Wins $3,800,000.00 Verdict For Disabled Passenger Who Was Dropped And Injured On A United Airlines Flight

On January 22, 2019, a federal jury serving the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas unanimously ordered United Airlines and its contractor AirServ to pay $3,800,000.00 to disabled passenger Erica Fulton of St. Petersburg, FL, who was dropped by airline employees as they transferred her from her chair into her first class seat. Fulton, who is represented by Houston attorneys Sean Roberts, Jonathan C.C. Day, and Anjali Sharma of Roberts Markland LLP, was diagnosed in 2

Houston Newlyweds Bobby & Erica Rouse Featured On Essence.com 2010 Best of Bridal Bliss

For Immediate Release - It's a holiday season of love for, Houston newlyweds who were selected to appear on ESSENCE.com this week. The couple's original story highlighting their October nuptials, was featured in Bridal Bliss, a popular segment of ESSENCE.com, in early December generating hundreds of accolades and responses for the newlyweds who ironically found each other via Erica, a former NFL cheerleader for the inaugural Houston Texans team.